Saturday, October 23, 2010

C + + / CLI speculative registered agent constructor

Now we discuss the new C + + / CLI environment, a cool feature, called the proxy constructor.

A class, there are multiple constructors often do; and that this constructor has a number of common code is also very often. In general, in this case, we are prepared for the common code a separate function, and then placed in each constructor call. Following example: class Foo
int _mem;
Foo (): _mem (0)
CommonConstructor ();
Foo (int mem): _mem (mem)
CommonConstructor ();
Foo (const Foo & f): _mem (f._mem)
CommonConstructor ();
/ / We need all the constructor's code
void CommonConstructor ()
printf ("Constructing the object");

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Monday, October 18, 2010

How to get all the screen colors red, green and blue values

Various programs running on the desktop, there are many very beautiful colors, we may want to use their color, but unfortunately there were no source, it is difficult to know exactly their R, G, B color value. So we have a lot of screen color pick tool, you want to know how they use the program to achieve the What? Here I use VC6.0 to do I took a screen color picker example of code to tell you that after running an instance of the interface is as follows:

Basic component ideas:

The principle is very simple and requires only a brief three-step. Both: get the screen DC, get the current mouse location in pixels, a pixel value decomposition of the red, green and blue can, it is easy now!

Key code:

1, access to the screen DC

HDC hDC =:: GetDC (NULL); file / / get the screen DC

2 pixels for the current mouse position

CPoint pt;
GetCursorPos (& pt); file / / get the current mouse location

COLORREF clr =:: GetPixel (hDC, pt.x, pt.y); file / / get the current pixel value the mouse

3, decomposition of the pixels in the red, green and blue color values

CString ClrText;
ClrText.Format ("% d", GetRValue (clr)); file / / the red value decomposition
ClrText.Format ("% d", GetGValue (clr)); file / / decomposition of the green value
ClrText.Format ("% d", GetBValue (clr)); file / / decomposition of the blue value

:: ReleaseDC (NULL, hDC); file / / release the screen DC

Concrete realization of the above part of the code details, download the example code in after carefully looking at the source can (with detailed comments).

Address: Xi'an, Shaanxi Province Road on the 2nd hospital labor six units
Zip Code: 710082
Future Studio (Future Studio)

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Green Manufacturing MES successes

Manufacturing Execution System MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the integrated processing core technology, its main function is responsible for the implementation of production management and scheduling. In the integrated 璇稿 quality control, document management, production scheduling function on the basis, MES for the control Baokuo materials, equipment, Ren Yuan, Liu Cheng instructions and Sheshi including the Suoyougongchang resources to provide a Tongyipingtai, pairs the efficiency of raising productivity, improve product quality, reduce consumption plays an important role.

Although not as well known to the public as ERP, MES is also a manufacturing information, especially in the core technology of process industry automation, MES in the enterprise project management and plant production control information between the erecting of a bridge of communication and management to enable enterprises to it will be easier to establish a rapid response, flexibility, fine, uniform information manufacturing environment to help companies improve product quality and the environment, reduce material and human and other resources consumption.

MES into the industrial stage

Such a product in terms of steel, quality of design and control is very important and must be carried out from the start. On the production line of smelting, rolling, finishing and packaging and other procedures for the consistent quality of design, but also with the production process data and performance data to determine the production-line real-time exception occurred during the quality. Through the support of 863 projects, Shanghai Baosight Inc. launched Baosight MES products and the integrity of the product applied to the stainless steel production Baosight one of them, the beginning of 2004 the entire production process to achieve and put into operation simultaneously. According to the China Information Industry Development Institute to do a report on the end of 2003, a total of 110 sets of MES applied to domestic steel companies. Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Bao Cong Liqun said the letter, the effective implementation of the MES building control systems can be achieved and management system seamlessly butt, this is not only a simple system to connect, network construction, more importantly, the docking information . Through this information the butt, making the whole decision-making in the steel business, management to control the process, the actual production data and production orders can be issued smoothly to upload and to realize the transmission of information is not ground.

Management of the 35 refineries of Sinopec MES technology is beginning to adopt scientific and effective management. China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation De-fang, director of information systems management, said, "Sinopec began in 2001 plans to build ERP, but we think not only ERP MES No, the information on the proposed 2004 meeting to increase MES system application building efforts. "In 2004, Sinopec has developed with independent intellectual property rights, in line with China's Sinopec petrochemical characteristics of MES system, called S-MESV1.0 version of the assessment by the 863 Group.

Under the guidance of the 863 Group, Sinopec began to pilot the implementation of the pilot phase, step by step marketing strategy. 2004, four enterprises MES system, despite the on-line for six months, MES systems initially show its advantages through the comprehensive tracking of logistics management, identify problems, can effectively reduce the loss of oil; the past, public works, water and power Wind management is weak, with this system on public works after the effective management of data, which reduces energy consumption and improve energy efficiency of resources; for the ERP system to provide accurate and timely ecological data, improve the effectiveness of ERP Application; across the enterprise management level of the fine has been increased.

Short space of time, MES system can quickly industrialization, De-fang said that "acceptance of the past, many projects are done mainly get away with winners. We MES project is taking the Combination of roads from the petrochemical PCG to take charge, using business models to form a unified intellectual property rights, the formation of unified design to ensure the integrity of the project and advanced. "

MES to promote energy saving

MES What are the advantages? Specialize in automation applications, according to market research firm ARC to make survey, if the application of MES, product quality can be improved 19.2%, close to 20%, labor productivity increased by 13%, yield 11%. 863 Modern Manufacturing Systems Technology Group Theme Group deputy head Chu Jian said, "even if the quality of products increased by 10%, 5% increase in labor productivity, reducing national energy consumption of raw materials is very great. Therefore, MES technology, if related industries in China, or energy, raw material consumption by the application of large, then China's energy economy, including environmental protection can be greatly improved. "

High energy consumption, which is the special circumstances facing our country, to save energy, we must optimize the technology. MES is the process industry, in the process industries, the need for the various departments have to become a corporate production indices production plan - Operational plan - operational standards - Process indicators - production order, and then processes the data acquisition system through and process control systems at various levels to return. By the operator to operate and control the production process, use this system to replace the functions of these departments. The concept of optimized integrated production targets is through the optimization process can produce a good indicator, then the behavior of the operator through the optimization of process indicators to produce the best settings. Such as extraction of gold if the standards set high, although the extraction of gold and high precision, but the efficiency is very low, cost increases, if the standard set of low grade gold would drop, so to set the best value, so that enterprises The cost is low, this is the optimal choice.

Implementation of the MES, the gold recovery rate increased by 2.1%, 0.57% grade increase, 50% attrition to reduce staff 237. There is also energy-saving and cost reduction. If a gold company investment in the whole system is about 5 million, according to this index to calculate the year and a half put 5 million fully recovered. "Just count the two indicators, grade and recovery rate of increase earn more productive gold mine," the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tohoku University Professor CHAI said, "completely automated process industries may be in the advanced world level, China have this opportunity, China's industry immediately began to demand MES, only to contribute its technology and integrated with national objectives, optimization and intelligent expression, must be able to do a good job. "

MES into the national science and technology planning

"Ninth Five-Year" period, our country's manufacturing enterprises of the concept of MES is still relatively unfamiliar, "15" during the program 863 under the strong support, focusing on two typical steel and petrochemical process industries, Developed MES system of independent property rights, beyond the research stage at present MES basically have formed a number of industries, and has been successfully applied.

MES R & D has also produced a series of software technology and include the use of technology and process technology combining related technologies. Chu Jian, "15" are around during the MES major petrochemical, iron and steel industry started two major petrochemical industrial application of MES after the project application processing costs reduced by 1%, 1% operating efficiency. In the metallurgical industry, Bao letter in 2004, 2005, in Ningbo Baoxin, Jilin Tonghua Steel, the Shanghai Five steel companies to do the experiment, efficiency has been greatly improved. In addition, research and development around the MES has a range of relevant software, including advanced control and optimization, real-time database and monitoring platform, data correction and logistics tracking, data mining, monitoring and maintenance and so on-line software, these technologies are appropriate enterprises have a good application of the model. Chu Jian said, "the status of process industry in the country is important, long-term national energy plan released in such a set of data: in 2003 China's consumption of standard coal per 10,000 yuan GDP was 2.68 tons, expected to reach 2010 2.25 tons to 1.54 tons in 2020 hope to achieve. To achieve this goal, information technology, automation technology, including MES technology, can play a significant role. "

Chun Fung Kee High Science and Technology Division, said the national scientific and technological development in the formulation of long-term planning, scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, to strengthen our innovation and advanced manufacturing technology, conducted a systematic study, proposed including manufacturing information technology and green chemical process industry development strategies and recommendations, many elements have been incorporated into national development planning framework in the draft long-term.


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The real domestic LCD panel production vital

With Japanese and Korean manufacturers in the back, below the fifth-generation production line wandering, it is difficult to reverse the adverse situation. Once the avalanche growth in demand for LCD TVs come, the competitiveness of domestic LCD panel will be caught in dilemma beyond their grasp.

Recently, we published an article that my LCD screen serious excess capacity, some flat-panel TV business profit margins less than 1%, our investment in LCD production prospects look bleak. This is a good reminder, but the analysis of the text of at least two potential overlook the positive factors:

First, according to IDC expects the demand for LCD TVs will show explosive growth, global LCD TV sales in 2007 are expected to increase 43%. China LCD TV market is also showing a rapid growth trend. The first quarter of last year, about 256,000 flat-panel TV to enter the Chinese family, including LCD TVs accounted for 68.8%; the first four months of this year, LCD TV shipments reached 1.871 million units.

Second, the mainland's LCD production line to expand production capacity, not only to meet domestic demand, more is spotted in the international market potential. With some foreign vendors, domestic production of LCD panels also have a price advantage.

Through these two factors, it is easy to see that the domestic LCD panel production capacity has not "serious surplus", with the flat-panel television, the overall demand for LCD panels will enter a period of explosive growth. The question now facing is how to enhance their domestic LCD panel competitiveness? Before BOE Ye Hao, SVA worth mentioning, the production of LCD panels are mostly low-end product, whether it is yield, or production costs, Compared with Japanese and Korean firms are not dominant. When the country the fifth-generation LCD panel production line mass production, when Japan and South Korea's seventh-generation LCD production line has also been put into operation. Last year, the global total of more than 17 Five LCD panel production line in operation, Sharp and LG of South Korea's sixth-generation LCD panel plant has a large smooth start, fundamentally changed the pattern of market competition.

Currently, flat panel TV industry-wide gross margin of 50% from a year earlier, down 2% to 3%, part of the company's profit margins and even fell 1%, this is also true. However, the reasons for this result is not entirely LCD overcapacity, more important reason is that the current mainstream LCD TV market, lack of user acceptance. This is because prices have not yet reached the user's mental capacity, the second most high-definition product has not yet reached the standard.

Market demand has not yet reached sufficient scale, production and marketing costs do not fall down, market competition, price war has started ahead of time, it fundamentally affects the efficiency of enterprises, high costs and lower prices in the double pressure, companies profit margins should naturally be diminished.

LCD TV prices have been entered to prevent a major obstacle to everyday home. LCD TV prices once common people, there will be tremendous growth in sales. But the domestic LCD panel makers should be noted that with the Japanese and Korean manufacturers in the back of the fifth generation of lingered below the line, it is difficult to reverse the adverse situation. Once the avalanche growth in demand for LCD TVs come, the competitiveness of domestic LCD panel will be caught in dilemma beyond their grasp.

In summary, I believe that the crucial point of the domestic LCD panel production is not excess capacity, but the product behind the lack of market competitiveness. To change this situation the key is how to achieve major breakthroughs in technology research and development, to catch up with the sixth generation, seven-generation LCD pace of development, to avoid being Japanese and Korean manufacturers of technical constraints.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Improvement of the current financial report

To Internet applications and e-business for the characteristics of the new economic model so that people on the accounting information content and higher requirements. The current financial report has been increasingly unable to meet the requirements of economic development, an urgent need to reform and improve.

The basic goal of accounting system users to meet the information requirements of the accounting information quality characteristics. Financial reporting accounting information as a carrier of a comprehensive expression and its basic objective is to provide decision making information useful to users of accounting information. Modern financial reporting in large enterprises to meet the accounting information disclosed in Xu Yao, in the stable Jingjiyunxing, to help investors make correct decisions Deng Fangmianfahui an important Zuoyong. In recent years, there has been a large number of in software, biotechnology, Internet and other high-tech industry high-tech enterprises, the application of the Internet and e-commerce features, creating a new economic model, while the industry is working with a large number of traditional information technology and emerging new technologies to transform their own. This constant innovation and economic form of arrival is bound to the basic environment of accounting under attack, which led people to accounting information content and has kept improving. The current financial report has been increasingly unable to meet the requirements of economic development, an urgent need to reform and improve.

Improve financial reporting principles to be followed

Leading principles of financial accounting reform. Financial reporting and the source of the information system to record, process, delivery methods and rules closely linked to, any major reform of the financial report, must consider the reform of the financial accounting system.

Table priority principle. Financial reporting reform should give priority to reform of the financial statements, our financial statements more consideration of authenticity and reliability of financial statements, but their usefulness and relevance of considering less.

Principle to meet the demand. Financial report should satisfy the relevant interest groups as much as possible the information needs, use of standard methods and empirical on the Combination of Fangfa the information of the user's demands and to establish viable financial reporting framework system.

Cost-effective. Financial reporting refers to the cost report to improve or expand the quality or quantity of information disclosure, the paid labor costs and various unfavorable factors that may occur. People in determining the content of financial reporting, disclosure and disclosure of frequency issues, cost and benefit factors should be measured and judged.

Expand the information content of financial reports

Not reflect the current financial report the value of intangible assets and goodwill, not reflected in human capital, thereby underestimating the total assets. Under the current accounting system, investment in human expenditure, no matter what amount, should be as current expenses, which makes human assets are substantially undervalued at a cost greatly. This is also the current financial reporting more and more criticism by one of the main. Address the human resources information disclosure, we should thoroughly study the human resources theory and method of measurement, and to further explore the confirmation of human capital.

Non-financial information disclosure. Non-financial information disclosure can help information users a more comprehensive understanding of enterprise business ideas, make up the shortage of financial data. Include non-financial enterprises are facing the background information, business performance, business opportunities and risks facing the enterprise personnel recruiting, training, organization and development, business related-party transactions, corporate substantial shareholders, investors and corporate managers on financial data analysis report and other information.

Information on the company's disclosure of future projections. In theory, the preparation of a complete financial report is the ideal forecast disclosure forms, but the preparation of financial reports of such forecasts is technically more difficult. Therefore, the disclosure of the value of enterprise future trend information, should be as detailed as possible disclosure of balance sheet and forecast the future value of some related business information such as business investment, market share, enterprise development prospects, profitability forecasts, management vision , opportunities and risks facing businesses and business innovation ability of information, users of financial reports for the forecast trend in the future value of companies providing useful information services. And, should also pay attention to the derivative financial instruments arising from the slope of return and risk information disclosure, thereby enhancing the users of financial reports for investment and credit decisions are correct.

Improve the timeliness of the preparation of real-time reporting

Current knowledge of product life cycles, business activity will not increasingly significant uncertainty alone accounting Baogao previous regular prepared statement can not be good De Manzu users of the need, and therefore must subsequently a Tigong timely information of Cai Wu reporting system. On the one hand, regular reports will continue to exist as a basis for allocation of financial results; other hand, the use of modern information technology to provide real-time. With the development of electronic commerce, accounting treatment of a variety of data required for more and more directly in electronic form, exists in the network and computers, accounting information system as an open system. As the account data into complex operations of financial reporting data, the process has been incorporated into the computer as a calculating procedure, the accounting staff handling accounts for a complete computer will automatically generate reports, so has the possibility of producing real-time reports.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alibaba Wei, talk about winter: Stick to the third quarter of next year

November 26 afternoon news, Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe B2B companies held in Beijing today web business training forum once again talk about "winter" issue, saying that network operators need to make preparations to fight a protracted war, looking for opportunities in the shuffle required to adhere to the next three or four quarters.

Alibaba held in Beijing today the theme of "net business growth crisis" training forum, Wei, on the causes of the financial crisis and the impact on SMEs speech topic. In his view, the next 12 months the situation is very "gripping", and do e-business must adhere to, next year the third and fourth quarter will be better.

Wei, pointed out that in bad economic situation, SMEs must create a "playing ghost team." He recalled that in 2000 the Internet bubble period, the company was carried on the remaining 3 months of funds, the first thing is to lower wages, 500 yuan per person per month, returnees, high educated employees choose to leave, with the words of David Wei , "are not left behind the elite."

"Look at Alibaba executive resume, Taobao president Lu Zhaoxi did sales, and even unknown hotel waiter. Alipay president Shao Xiaofeng originally Hangzhou, People's Police, I used to sell cement to sell the toilet, even if Alibaba Chairman of the Board Ma, also a test of the three universities. "Wei, that success does not need the elite, determined to follow the boss and more people with more important than ability.

On the other hand, he thought of SMEs in the present stage should be "In and Out, outside their range." Although the foreign trade enterprises internally and externally is very difficult to do now, but do domestic trade enterprises can better time to occupy empty the company's market share. Outside their range is not to overlook the small orders, the size ratio of orders to do business there.

"Do at least three years and e-commerce, e-commerce does not mean advertising. Reshuffled the situation in the manufacturing sector, the SMEs need to find more opportunities." Wei Zhe said.

First proposed as a "winter", the company, Alibaba has been great concern, Ma is also the major occasions in the "Crisis" lecture. Layer of avant-garde philosophy has long said that Alibaba Group more than 15 billion yuan in cash reserves, sufficient cash on hand to help SMEs through the winter.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dreamweaver MX Ultradev Exploration (Foreword)

Dreamweaver MX for Ultradev (Foreword)

Today get the Dreamweaver MX, this is my third hand MX product of the (previously Flash MX, ColdFusion MX), MX-year this year can really ah! Since over the years, Macromedia MX's good news on one after another, we wait, right away, the fourth of the (Fireworks MX). I am really a bit for the Macromedia worry: after the next version of these products what the name, and Oh. BS, dry get right to it.

The MX is now available not only in the background areas Asp, Jsp, Coldfusion and also and Php Coldfusion MX, you can choose the room be large, happy now!鏀寔鏈?柊鐨凜oldfusion MX tag锛岃皟璇旵oldfusion MX浠g爜, 瀹屽叏鏀寔 Datasets,DataGrid,Datalist.

銆??鍚姩MX (浠ュ悗鍦ㄦ枃绔犱腑閮藉彨MX浜嗭紝Dreamwerver涓嶅姞浜嗭紝鎵撳瓧楹荤儲)锛屽惎鍔ㄧ晫闈㈠拰Flash MX鎰熻宸殑锛岀殑纭垜鎯冲埆鐨凪X浜у搧鍙兘閮芥槸杩欐牱鐨勫惂锛佽繘鍏ョ晫闈互鍚庡竷灞?拰Flash MX寰堣薄锛岄潰鏉块鑹插拰浣嶇疆閮芥槸宸笉澶氱殑锛岃繖鏂归潰鐨勭粺涓?娇寰楀箍澶х殑浣跨敤鐫?洿鍔犲鏄撲笂鎵嬩簡銆傛垜浠湪杩欓噷涓昏璁ㄨApplication闈㈡澘(鍥犱负鍜孉sp鏈夊叧鐨勪笢瑗块兘鍦ㄨ繖閲屼簡)锛屽叾浠栭潰鏉挎垜浠氨涓嶅湪姝ゆ帰璁ㄤ簡锛岄偅鏄?铏庣殑浜嬫儏锛屽鏋滄槸鏂版墜锛屾垜鍙兘鍦ㄦ鍚戜綘璇存姳姝変簡銆?br />
銆??鍛婅瘔澶у涓ソ娑堟伅锛屾垜鍙戠幇MX涓殑鍚庡彴閮ㄥ垎鍜屼互鍓嶇殑UD濂借薄鍖哄埆涓嶅ぇ銆備粬鐨勫姛鑳芥爣绛惧叏鍖呭惈鍦ˋpplication闈㈡澘涓?濡傚浘qy-1)锛屽崟鍑籄pplication锛岀湅鍒版病锛屼互鍓嶅湪UD涓粡甯哥湅鍒扮殑涓滆タ鍏ㄩ儴鍦ㄨ繖閲屽嚭鐜颁簡銆?br />


銆??灞曞紑Application闈㈡澘锛岋紙濡傚浘qy-2锛?br />銆??Database锛氬畾涔夋暟鎹簱杩炴帴
銆??Bindings锛氳繘琛屾暟鎹粦瀹?br />銆??Server behaviors锛氳涓猴紙鍔熻兘鏈?锛屾渶寮哄ぇ鐨勫湴鏂癸級
銆??Components锛氬湪Asp涓紝杩欎釜闈㈡澘鏄敤涓嶇潃鐨?br />銆??鎴戞兂杩欎簺涓滆タ澶у涓?湅灏卞緢浜插垏鍚с?閫夋嫨Database鏍囩锛岀湅鍒版病锛岃繕鏈夊府鍔╀簡锛屽憡璇変綘浣跨敤姝ラ锛屽浜庢柊鎵嬫潵璇达紝鍙互杈瑰仛杈瑰銆備笉閿欙紝闈炲父涓嶉敊銆?br />


銆??杩樻湁涓?釜寰堥噸瑕佺殑鍦版柟灏辨槸宸ュ叿鏍忎簡锛屼笢瑗垮緢澶氾紝涓嶈繃鎴戜滑涓昏鏄鍚庡彴锛屽拰鎴戜滑鏈夊叧鐨勪富瑕佹槸ASP鏍囩鍜孉pplication鏍囩锛堝鍥緌y-3锛?br />




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