Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alibaba Wei, talk about winter: Stick to the third quarter of next year

November 26 afternoon news, Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe B2B companies held in Beijing today web business training forum once again talk about "winter" issue, saying that network operators need to make preparations to fight a protracted war, looking for opportunities in the shuffle required to adhere to the next three or four quarters.

Alibaba held in Beijing today the theme of "net business growth crisis" training forum, Wei, on the causes of the financial crisis and the impact on SMEs speech topic. In his view, the next 12 months the situation is very "gripping", and do e-business must adhere to, next year the third and fourth quarter will be better.

Wei, pointed out that in bad economic situation, SMEs must create a "playing ghost team." He recalled that in 2000 the Internet bubble period, the company was carried on the remaining 3 months of funds, the first thing is to lower wages, 500 yuan per person per month, returnees, high educated employees choose to leave, with the words of David Wei , "are not left behind the elite."

"Look at Alibaba executive resume, Taobao president Lu Zhaoxi did sales, and even unknown hotel waiter. Alipay president Shao Xiaofeng originally Hangzhou, People's Police, I used to sell cement to sell the toilet, even if Alibaba Chairman of the Board Ma, also a test of the three universities. "Wei, that success does not need the elite, determined to follow the boss and more people with more important than ability.

On the other hand, he thought of SMEs in the present stage should be "In and Out, outside their range." Although the foreign trade enterprises internally and externally is very difficult to do now, but do domestic trade enterprises can better time to occupy empty the company's market share. Outside their range is not to overlook the small orders, the size ratio of orders to do business there.

"Do at least three years and e-commerce, e-commerce does not mean advertising. Reshuffled the situation in the manufacturing sector, the SMEs need to find more opportunities." Wei Zhe said.

First proposed as a "winter", the company, Alibaba has been great concern, Ma is also the major occasions in the "Crisis" lecture. Layer of avant-garde philosophy has long said that Alibaba Group more than 15 billion yuan in cash reserves, sufficient cash on hand to help SMEs through the winter.

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