Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The real domestic LCD panel production vital

With Japanese and Korean manufacturers in the back, below the fifth-generation production line wandering, it is difficult to reverse the adverse situation. Once the avalanche growth in demand for LCD TVs come, the competitiveness of domestic LCD panel will be caught in dilemma beyond their grasp.

Recently, we published an article that my LCD screen serious excess capacity, some flat-panel TV business profit margins less than 1%, our investment in LCD production prospects look bleak. This is a good reminder, but the analysis of the text of at least two potential overlook the positive factors:

First, according to IDC expects the demand for LCD TVs will show explosive growth, global LCD TV sales in 2007 are expected to increase 43%. China LCD TV market is also showing a rapid growth trend. The first quarter of last year, about 256,000 flat-panel TV to enter the Chinese family, including LCD TVs accounted for 68.8%; the first four months of this year, LCD TV shipments reached 1.871 million units.

Second, the mainland's LCD production line to expand production capacity, not only to meet domestic demand, more is spotted in the international market potential. With some foreign vendors, domestic production of LCD panels also have a price advantage.

Through these two factors, it is easy to see that the domestic LCD panel production capacity has not "serious surplus", with the flat-panel television, the overall demand for LCD panels will enter a period of explosive growth. The question now facing is how to enhance their domestic LCD panel competitiveness? Before BOE Ye Hao, SVA worth mentioning, the production of LCD panels are mostly low-end product, whether it is yield, or production costs, Compared with Japanese and Korean firms are not dominant. When the country the fifth-generation LCD panel production line mass production, when Japan and South Korea's seventh-generation LCD production line has also been put into operation. Last year, the global total of more than 17 Five LCD panel production line in operation, Sharp and LG of South Korea's sixth-generation LCD panel plant has a large smooth start, fundamentally changed the pattern of market competition.

Currently, flat panel TV industry-wide gross margin of 50% from a year earlier, down 2% to 3%, part of the company's profit margins and even fell 1%, this is also true. However, the reasons for this result is not entirely LCD overcapacity, more important reason is that the current mainstream LCD TV market, lack of user acceptance. This is because prices have not yet reached the user's mental capacity, the second most high-definition product has not yet reached the standard.

Market demand has not yet reached sufficient scale, production and marketing costs do not fall down, market competition, price war has started ahead of time, it fundamentally affects the efficiency of enterprises, high costs and lower prices in the double pressure, companies profit margins should naturally be diminished.

LCD TV prices have been entered to prevent a major obstacle to everyday home. LCD TV prices once common people, there will be tremendous growth in sales. But the domestic LCD panel makers should be noted that with the Japanese and Korean manufacturers in the back of the fifth generation of lingered below the line, it is difficult to reverse the adverse situation. Once the avalanche growth in demand for LCD TVs come, the competitiveness of domestic LCD panel will be caught in dilemma beyond their grasp.

In summary, I believe that the crucial point of the domestic LCD panel production is not excess capacity, but the product behind the lack of market competitiveness. To change this situation the key is how to achieve major breakthroughs in technology research and development, to catch up with the sixth generation, seven-generation LCD pace of development, to avoid being Japanese and Korean manufacturers of technical constraints.

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